Tentacuddle Blanket
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

The Snuggie has finally met the undertaker
and has been gloriously replaced with
the biggest greenest “onesie” we’ve ever seen.
Now you and I could trip over stuff like never
before, while everyone else takes a nappy poo…

Roller Cooler Picnic Table
$87.87 > Amazon

Your awesome beach table is waiting
for YOU! “Ideal” for cars with small
spaces, you can pack a quick picnic in no
time. Spacious cooler allows you to bring
everything you need!

Table For Steering Wheel
$18.19 > Amazon

Your steering wheel table is awesome!
It’s wide enough for a laptop with lunch
on the side! Slip it in the pouch behind
your seat when you’re done and boom!
Durable and ultra convenient!

Jumbo 4-To-Score
$236.18 > Amazon

Just when you thought your kids
couldn’t get any happier. Watch
their smile lines get wider as they
look into your eyes with gratitude!
Best parents ever!

Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker
$20.90 > Amazon

MOM! WAFFLES! Oh boy, don’t cha know.
Those darn eat kids eat waffles like
it’s their LAST meal! Why not have a little
fun eating right? Your waffles can now
be shaped for convenient and fun eating!

Fast Strike Defense Weapon
$22.95 > Amazon

Momma gonna lay down some heavy
SMACK and will not Pity the FOO who
messes wit dis! The jerk who attempts to
rob this angry mother better think twice
for this easy concealed lightweight striker!

The Coolest Cooler
$499.95 >

This AMAZING cooler comes with a built-in
ice-crushing blender that’s so powerful,
it could juice a rock! The insulation is SO
THICK that ice can last up to 5 days!…
Demand is HIGH! Limited supply!…

Self Tying Waterballoons
$7.32 > Amazon

FINALLY!… Am I the only one who gets
his fingers slapped when trying to make
the world’s greatest water balloons?
We could have won the war back then
with this! Attach to garden hose, DONE!…

Jesus Calling Christian Devotional
$9.79 > Amazon

Jesus Christ DEEPLY cares for you!
Inspiring 365-day devotional says:
“I am not only committed to caring for you,
but I am also absolutely capable
of doing so. Rest in Me, My weary one!

18″ Wide Clip On Mirror
$11.26 > Amazon

Almost 18″ wide, this rear view mirror gives
you, even more, mommy power to gaze
across the entire vehicle without ever
leaving the seat! Now children really have
nowhere to hide…

Taser Pulse Self Defense Tool
$290.00 > Amazon

When it’s time to take control of a threat
tasers are a very effective tool at a
moment’s notice. The laser sight assists
you to accurately hit your attacker
from 15 feet away!

The Kitty Pass Cat Door
$41.96 > Amazon

Your adorable cat can now walk
right into the next room without
ever having to open the door for
the millionth time today! The Kitty
Pass is purrrfect for the closet!

Illuminated & Reflective Vest
$59.95 > Amazon

Saw a runner dude on a bridge
wearing this wicked cool reflective
color changing vest! Running at night
is now much safer for you or loved
ones! Choose 1 or 6 changing colors!


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