Tac Light Flashlight
$29.95 > Amazon

WOA! Talk about one durable flashlight!
Made out the same metal used to build
aircraft? You could probably use the thing
to crack open your secret Pinata party!
Is it secret?… Is it safe?…

Run Your Generator On Propane
$35.00 > Amazon

Converting your generator to propane is
now simple and easy with modern
conversion kits! Cleaner burning and longer
shelf life are great for power outages!
(You will NEED the correct kit for your generator!)

SAS Safety Glasses w/ LED’s
$13.12 > Amazon

Safety saves lives and pizza eating
fingers all day long. Now let’s take it
one step further and let us help you
shed some LED light on your new
SAS Safety Glasses w/ LED Lights!

Fathead Stickers Wall Art
$19.99 > Amazon

Show the world around you who
is the number one fan of all time
with Fathead Stickers ( Wall Art )!
Browse now to find your favorite
team! Excellent man cave idea!!

Nose Jammer Hunting Spray
$15.86 > Amazon

Every man needs the great outdoors.
Connect, feel, hunt is part of our God
given nature. Nose Jammer Hunting
Spray is what we need in order to stay
undetected in the site of our prized deer…

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set
$99.99 > ThinkGeek

Your 44 piece tool set is in the
perfect shape of Thor’s Hammer
Mjolnir! Tools include a hammer
( gift from “Captain Obvious” )
and is Loki proof in case if lost…

Mr. Heater Portable Heater
$135.55 > Amazon

Whether your camping in a tent or
have a wood shop that needs heat,
Mr Heater Portable Propane Heater
is small and very efficient! Available
for small propane tanks or giant ones!

Affordable 3D Printer
$189.99 > Amazon

The sole purpose of buying an
Affordable 3D Printer is creativity &
business! If you can dream it, you
can build it! Mini manufacturing plant
in your basement or a sweet 3D printer!

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit
$49.99 > Amazon

Up to 4 gallons of beer made by
your awesome handy work! A well
satisfied customer named Shelly
highly recommended this one to
Wicked Cool Gadgets!

Taser Pulse Self Defense Tool
$290.00 > Amazon

When it’s time to take control of a threat
tasers are a very effective tool at a
moment’s notice. The laser sight assists
you to accurately hit your attacker
from 15 feet away!

Home Security Cameras
$209.99 > Amazon

When reliable home security cameras
catch a thief, you’ll be telling all your
friends to invest in their own! Easy
setup allows you to record for up to
30 days with 1TB of storage!

Steel Dragon Wire Stripper
$119.99 >

Turn your copper into CASH!
Earn 3x more money when you
strip wire with incredible speed!
Construction workers & electricians
are picking their jaws off the floor!

Universal Socket 1/4″ – 3/4″
$9.49 > Amazon

Your universal socket automatically
adjusts to the appropriate size so
you can get the job done faster!
No more searching around for that
missing socket! 1/4″-3/4″ 7mm-19mm

Flexible Extension Soft Shaft
$8.99 > Amazon

Getting into those hard to reach
places just became easier for you!
With its flexible shaft, now you can
snake around tight corners and bring
out those incredibly difficult bolts!

Leatherman Tread Bracelet
$164.85 >

Ever find yourself looking for the
right tools? Thanks to Leatherman, now
This one of a kind wearable tool bracelet
is actually 29 tools in 1! Stylish, and
Leatherman 25 year GUARANTEE!

Atomic Beam Glove Light
$19.97 >

Fixing a problem with your hands feels
good! But holding a flashlight in one
hand is awkward and uncomfortable!
Especially during those long hours.
Work hands free with plenty of light!

Makita Power Dolly Assist
$925.12 >

Haul the toughest loads in your
yard with your Makita Power Dolly!
60 Minutes of continuous run time
on one single 18v battery charge!
Equivalent to 1 Mile of travel!

US General Tool Box
$152.50 > Amazon

The size of this toolbox is perfect for
a maintenance electrician or mechanic.
Heavy duty and ready for a beating! This
tool cabinet storage can carry a max
of 580 lbs! Self-locking when closed!

Bosch Hammer Drill 18v
$486.76 >

Mechanics everywhere are leaving their
big bulky electric hammer drills behind
for this AMAZINGLY powerful hammer
drill by Bosch! 500 ft lbs of torque and
only weighing 6.7lbs!

USA Made Mechanics Seat
$99.00 >

Working men squat and  kneel
tirelessly for hours a day. Those
problems need to get fixed!
Instant relief from chronic pain!

Beechwood Crab Multi-Tool
$17.99 > Amazon

Get yourself a krabby patty and tackle
tough jobs with this Crab Multi-Tool!
So small that it fits comfortably in your
pocket or that little drawer that has
everything. Little guy gets the job done!

Jeri-Rigg Eye Loop Straps
$19.95 > Amazon

We’ve all been there. Had to Jeri-Rigg
something in a Jiffy. Now you will be
able to safely with this portable Jeri-Rigg
Tie Down Strap! Great for construction
for a quick and strong anchor point!

16,000 Woodworking Plans
$67.00 > Woodworking

Introducing: The World’s Largest Collection
of 16,000 Woodworking Plans! Whether
you’re eager to build the Tree House
or those relaxing Adirondack Chairs for
those awesome summer days, it’s all…

Slate Coasters Broncos SB 99
$50.00 > Amazon

Celebrate Your Denver Broncos Greatest
Plays from their 1999 Super Bowl on
these epic slate coasters! Historical
Play Details have been laser etched
from player movements, date & score!

Katapult Wire Strippers
$27.00 > Amazon

Klein has designed the most ingenious
and FUN way to strip wire! Electricians all
over America are FOAMING at the mouth
at just how fast and how clean your wire
can be stripped! Buy one now for life!

iPhone Endoscope
$38.49 > Amazon

Looking between walls is a must for
all contractors! Find wire your pulling
or items that fell! The flexible material
gives you the angles you will need to
find exactly what you are looking for!


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