Inflatable Floating Island
$158.50 > Amazon

Summer adventures are wild and fun!
And this heavy duty inflatable floating
island will create memories that will
last a lifetime! Your favorite drink is
waiting in one of the six cup holders!

Celestron 127EQ Telescope
$107.95 >

As the Heavens declare the glory
of God, we have been invited to
look with awe at the wonderful
beautiful nebulas and stars
that the Living God has made!

Legit Camping Double Hammock
$33.56 > Amazon

The wild woods can be some
of the most peaceful places
on earth! Imagine yourself
taking it all in as you chill out
in your two person hammock!

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball
$59.99 > Amazon

Is she a Hobbit? Or is that a giant
6′ beach ball? Within 4 minutes your
new toy at the beach will be ready
to go. Hours of fun on the beach!
( Pump sold here $19.99 )

The Coolest Cooler
$499.95 > Amazon

This AMAZING cooler comes with a built-in
ice-crushing blender that’s so powerful,
it could juice a rock! The insulation is SO
THICK that ice can last up to 5 days!…
Demand is HIGH! Limited supply!…

Volkswagon Adult Tent
$349.95 > Amazon

Life can have some sweet moments of
reminiscing! Listen to The Beatles and bust
out the bell bottoms, because the best tent
on earth just met its match! So easy to
setup, “a caveman could do it…”

Yanaki Boomerang
$21.95 > Amazon

Indigenous hillbillies can now
take out that squirrel or bird
with a Yanaki Boomerang!
Instruction manual included
but we’ll just YouTube it…

Full Face Snorkeling Mask
$44.99 > Amazon

Diving has NEVER been this
comfortable or this much fun!
You will now have a beautiful 180°
panoramic view along with anti-
fog, anti-leak, & GoPro adapter!

The World’s Biggest Towels
$38.49 > Amazon

Your majesty, your beach towel larger
than your king size bed is now ready
for you! Now all your loyal subjects
can sprawl out comfortably with this
10×10 beach towel fit for royalty…

Solar Powered Oven
$279.00 > Amazon

Cook your favorite meals at the beach with the power of the sun! While you surf you can cook some turf! LOL! Easy assembly allows you to setup quickly and just let your Go Sun Cooker cook AMAZING meals with just the sun!

Portable Charcoal Grill
$23.98 > Amazon

This foldable charcoal grill is getting reviews off the charts from Amazon! Only weighing in at 4.4lbs, this wicked cool grill can be easily carried from your car to your favorite spot on the beach!

Self Stirring Bottle
$18.99 > Amazon

Want to stir up the protein powder at the bottom of your water bottle? Let this Self Stirring Water Bottle take care of that for you! Fast and Powerful! You can mix up to 30 seconds for thick shakes!


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