Star Trek TNG Combage

Star Trek TNG Combadge
$79.99 > ThinkGeek

Communicate using this
Star Trek Bluetooth ComBadge!
One touch answers calls/hangs up,
plays/pauses your music,
Access Siri, Google Now, or Cortana!

Mr. Fixit Shirt

Mr. Fixit Shirt
$15.99 > ThinkGeek

When you are really good at fixing things
You will attract everyone who has problems!
Just show up with this awesome shirt
which is guaranteed for a great laugh
because they will instantly get the point!

Super Mario Brothers Flask

Super Mario Brothers Flask
$19.99 > ThinkGeek

Tell your Mario stories to the world
as you put your favorite drink in this
Super Mario Brothers Cartridge!
It’s a world where nobody makes
fun of you for humming that song!

8Bitdo N64 Controller

8bitdo N64 Controller
$31.41 > Amazon

YOU know every hiding spot.
YOU discovered that secret weapon.
It’s time to bring over your friends
and still see who’s got it…but we
know YOU do!
( Rumble Pack Sold Here $10 )

Goldeneye Watch

Goldeneye Watch
$25.99 > Amazon

When you heard the zipper sound of
James Bond’s body armour, you were
ready for more! Relive your best
moments in “Real Time” with this
Goldeneye Watch! Dah nah…Da nah!

Technomancer Hoodie

Technomancer Hoodie
$49.99 > ThinkGeek

Take center stage and dance the night
away for a lot of attention and fun!
This digital wizard hoodie is downright
epic! This hoodie really mimics the
lights and sounds that you would
expect from a Wizard!

Star Wars Floor Lamp

Star Wars Floor Lamp
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

Memories from Star Wars simply
last forever. Their tales of Good vs Evil
have impacted families, workplaces,
and many countless other movies.
With this Star Wars Floor Standing
Lightsaber Lamp, Live Your Dream!

Mini Tesla Coil

Mini Tesla Coil
$229.99 > ThinkGeek

Ever been to a Tesla Coil Concert?
You would think that the burning
of oxygen everyone needs to
survive would concern them…
Bring your neighbor next time?

Light Box

LightBox w/ Letters
$19.99 > Amazon

Surprise your friends as they walk
into your home with an awesome
welcome message! With over
100 letters and emojis, you can
customize your very own Light Box!
USB cable or 6 AAA batteries.

Tetris Lamp

Tetris Stackable Lamp
$49.99 >ThinkGeek

This Officially Licensed 7 Piece Tetris
light fixture lights up as you re-live the
Nintendo Classic Game of Tetris!
Each shape is designed for the LED’s
to light up when stacked upon one
another and turn off when removed.

Zombie Lamp

Zombie Lamp
$135.00 > Amazon

The night comes to life or does it?
This hand sculpted zombie art is
just perfect for the Halloween season!
The lamp shade provides an AMAZING
view of the moon passing through
the shadows while Zombies…

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