Tesla Coil Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighter
$16.99 > Amazon

You now control a small portion of galactic
electricity in your palm of your hand! This
Telsa Coil Lighter is windproof, flameless,
and rechargeable so you can spark up your
fires with each press of the button!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
$199.98 > Amazon

Cat fur has FINALLY met its furball match!
Now the Elgato can be guided throughout
its little castle as he sits on your robotic
vacuum cleaner, cleaning up what the
little mess maker left behind earlier!

Clever Cutter Food Chopper

Clever Cutter Food Chopper
$19.00 >

When your cooking for friends and family
speed and efficiency are so satisfying!
Your stainless steel 2 in 1 food chopper
has cleverly replaced your cutting board
and knives for one amazing kitchen tool!

Star Trek TNG Robes

Star Trek TNG Robe
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

One of the greatest unknown truths about
Star Trek the Next Generation was their
shocking statements about a diverse but
united culture! Bring your cozy robe while
you travel, just in case Romulans attack…

Hairy Belly Fanny Pack

Hairy Belly Fanny Pack
$9.68 > Amazon

Attract the people around you with lots
of engaging eyes! The Hairy Fanny Pack
is becoming one of the most hysterical
things you can wear around your campus!
Show it off to friends and families!

Running Belt Waist Pack

Running Belt Waist Pack
$9.97 > Amazon

We track our runs and listen to music
with the help of our smartphones.
Now we have a convenient way to
get the job done! This water-resistant
running waist pack holds phones & more!

Inflatable Floating Island

Inflatable Floating Island
$158.50 > Amazon

Summer adventures are wild and fun!
And this heavy duty inflatable floating
island will create memories that will
last a lifetime! Your favorite drink is
waiting in one of the six cup holders!

200W Solar Power Starter Kit

Solar Power Starter Kit
$523.99 > Amazon

Newbies who love the idea of going solar are
RAVING over this little starter kit! Power up
your RV, Boat, or shed for those off the grid
places that desperately need electricity!
Instructions are NEWBIE worthy!

AK47 Ice Bullets

AK47 Ice Cube Bullets
$5.49 > Amazon

Your passion for the AK47 is now ready
to cool your drink with this special ice cube
tray in the shape of the iconic banana clip!
Suprise your gun buddies and have a great
time serving them ice cold bullets!

1 Million Volt Taser Cane

1 Million Volt Taser Cane
$75.24 > Amazon

For those of us who are concerned about
our elderly walking alone in the park or down
the street, we can have total peace of mind
knowing they could effectively
defend themselves if need be!

Remote Control BB8

Remote Control BB8
$113.00 >

Ever since we saw Sphero introduce BB-8
to the world of Star Wars, we have always
wanted to buy one for ourselves. This is
the Authentic BB-8 for your entertainment
and is from the creators of BB-8, Sphero!

Speaker Light Bulb

Speaker Light Bulb
$11.99 > Amazon

If you’ve got little to no space for a speaker
check out this Bluetooth Speaker that is
also a light bulb! This Smart Bulb can
connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth!
Perfect for lights from the ceiling!

License Plate Messages

License Plate Messages
$39.99 > Amazon

Press your brakes and your license plate
frame reveals a message automatically!
Quick installation allows you to send the
message of your choice for 3 seconds!
Advertise on your license plate!

Zelda Master Letter Opener

Zelda Master Letter Opener
$19.99 > ThinkGeek

Feel the power as you open your
rupee paycheck with your Master Sword!
You are keeping the peace in your little
kingdom as you fight off the creatures
inside the bill envelopes!

Bluetooth Speaker Water Res.

Bluetooth Speaker Water Res.
$24.99 > Amazon

WOW…Over 15,000 Five Star Reviews
on Amazon.com, we had to share this!
Perfect for Pandora when you crank up
the volume with more bass! The benefit
of a portable speaker is it’s easy to pack!

Window Cat Hammock

Window Cat Hammock
$14.99 > Amazon

Another “Best Seller” on Amazon!
Cats by nature need to remain higher
then everyone in the room. Why?
Because they have to feel like they
can oversee any potential threats.

Skull Fireproof Rocks

Skull Fireproof Rocks
$79.95 > Amazon

These skull rocks are made for YOUR creepy f
irepit! Imagine the look on your friends
faces when they walk into your back yard
and see the firepit FULL of burning skulls!
Now THIS is Wicked Cool…

‘Anus Shaped’ Chocolate

‘Anus Shaped’ Chocolate
$8.65 > Amazon

Surprise! Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday!
The creators of Edible A have made this
one of a kind chocolate in the shape of
THAT place you don’t want to check out!
I wonder how they designed the mold…

150 N64 Games

150 N64 Games!
$159.99 > Amazon

GET THIS NOW! 99% of EVERY N64 game
is now available on one single cartridge!
Has the original feel as if you were inserting
your favorite N64 game of all time!

Star Trek TNG Combage

Star Trek TNG Combadge
$79.99 > ThinkGeek

Communicate using this
Star Trek Bluetooth ComBadge!
One touch answers calls/hangs up,
plays/pauses your music,
Access Siri, Google Now, or Cortana!

Mr. Fixit Shirt

Mr. Fixit Shirt
$15.99 > ThinkGeek

When you are really good at fixing things
You will attract everyone who has problems!
Just show up with this awesome shirt
which is guaranteed for a great laugh
because they will instantly get the point!

Super Mario Brothers Flask

Super Mario Brothers Flask
$19.99 > ThinkGeek

Tell your Mario stories to the world
as you put your favorite drink in this
Super Mario Brothers Cartridge!
It’s a world where nobody makes
fun of you for humming that song!

8Bitdo N64 Controller

8bitdo N64 Controller
$31.41 > Amazon

YOU know every hiding spot.
YOU discovered that secret weapon.
It’s time to bring over your friends
and still see who’s got it…but we
know YOU do!
( Rumble Pack Sold Here $10 )

Goldeneye Watch

Goldeneye Watch
$25.99 > Amazon

When you heard the zipper sound of
James Bond’s body armour, you were
ready for more! Relive your best
moments in “Real Time” with this
Goldeneye Watch! Dah nah…Da nah!

Technomancer Hoodie

Technomancer Hoodie
$49.99 > ThinkGeek

Take center stage and dance the night
away for a lot of attention and fun!
This digital wizard hoodie is downright
epic! This hoodie really mimics the
lights and sounds that you would
expect from a Wizard!

Star Wars Floor Lamp

Star Wars Floor Lamp
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

Memories from Star Wars simply
last forever. Their tales of Good vs Evil
have impacted families, workplaces,
and many countless other movies.
With this Star Wars Floor Standing
Lightsaber Lamp, Live Your Dream!

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