Big Enter Key

Giant Enter Button
$15.99 > Amazon

Everyone is looking for comic relief.
Thankfully, we can be a little productive
while we’re at it! Your big enter key
has memory foam which cradles
upon impact & is a working enter key!

USB Fan For Desk

$12.99 > Amazon

Keeping your cool is a must! Now thanks
to this USB Fan, sweat does not stand a
chance! Because of how convenient the
Clip On feature is, you can now use your
USB Fan anywhere as long as there is..

Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals
$5.99 > Amazon

Alright, this is not exactly what you should
bring into church, smack your fingers
and sing soprano! These are great for
peaceful protests out in the streets
or that extra guy in the band…

Chewbacca Spiral Notebook

Chewbacca Spiral Notebook
$15.98 > Amazon

Record your epic journey through the Galaxy
with this Chewbacca Spiral Notebook!
Officially licensed to promote the ever
continuing saga of Star Wars!
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Wooden Cat Pile

The Wooden Cat Pile
$19.99 > Amazon

Cats are cute all over the world and
especially when they can be neatly piled
up on top of each other! These 6 wooden
kittens can be stacked and will remain
as you put them until…a black cat sees it!…

The Complaint Department Grenade

The Complaint Department
$9.99 > Amazon

The complaint department sees that
The lack of common sense in this world
provides endless entertainment
for those seeking to solve problems
by those obviously creating them!

Touchless Automatic Trash Can

Touchless Automatic Trash Can
$56.41 > Amazon

Are messy hands touching everything?
Glad someone invented the touchless
automatic trash can! Whether you wave
the magic wand or your bare naked hand
your automatic trash can opens by itself!

The World’s Biggest Beach Towel

The World’s Biggest Towels
$38.49 > Amazon

Your majesty, your beach towel larger
than your king size bed is now ready
for you! Now all your loyal subjects
can sprawl out comfortably with this
10×10 beach towel fit for royalty…

Giant Beach Ball

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball
$59.99 > Amazon

Is she a Hobbit? Or is that a giant
6′ beach ball? Within 4 minutes your
new toy at the beach will be ready
to go. Hours of fun on the beach!
( Pump sold here $19.99 )

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Ben & Jerry’s Combo Lock
$35.95 > Amazon

Sorry, were you expecting to eat the
very best of MY Chunky Monkey ice cream?
I don’t think so! Now the world’s greatest
ice cream is no longer in danger
with this Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock!

Star Wars Jedi vs Sith Wall Clock

Star Wars: Sith vs Jedi
$199.95 > Amazon

The greatest battle of all time now hangs on
your wall! Emperor Paletine is watching as
the clock is ticking away for the battle of
Endor! Watch in awe as your clock lights
up at the flick of a switch! Gooooood!…


$49.99 > Amazon

The purple colors are calling you home
reminding you of sweet reminisce.
You’ve fought many epic battles together.
The toughest bosses have been defeated
by these hands. Call friends…bring chips…

The Kitty Pass Cat Door

The Kitty Pass Cat Door
$41.96 > Amazon

Your adorable cat can now walk
right into the next room without
ever having to open the door for
the millionth time today! The Kitty
Pass is purrfect for a litter box closet!

Jesus Calling Devotional

Jesus Calling Devotional
$9.79 > Amazon

Jesus Christ DEEPLY cares for you!
Inspiring 365-day devotional says:
“I am not only committed to caring for you,
but I am also absolutely capable
of doing so. Rest in Me and Worship!

18″ Wide Clip On Mirror

18″ Wide Clip On Mirror
$11.26 > Amazon

Almost 18″ wide, this rear view mirror gives
you, even more, mommy power to gaze
across the entire vehicle without ever
leaving the seat! Now children really have
nowhere to hide…

Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker

Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker
$20.90 > Amazon

MOM! WAFFLES! Oh boy, don’t cha know.
Those darn eat kids eat waffles like
it’s their LAST meal! Why not have a little
fun eating right? Your waffles can now
be shaped for convenient and fun eating!

Fast Strike Defense Weapon

Fast Strike Defense Weapon
$22.95 > Amazon

Momma gonna lay down some heavy
SMACK and will not Pity the FOO who
messes wit dis! The jerk who attempts to
rob this angry mother better think twice
for this easy concealed lightweight striker!

The Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler
$499.95 > Amazon

This AMAZING cooler comes with a built-in
ice-crushing blender that’s so powerful,
it could juice a rock! The insulation is SO
THICK that ice can last up to 5 days!…
Demand is HIGH! Limited supply!…

Table For Steering Wheel

Table For Steering Wheel
$18.19 > Amazon

Your steering wheel table is awesome!
It’s wide enough for a laptop with lunch
on the side! Slip it in the pouch behind
your seat when you’re done and boom!
Durable and ultra convenient!

Self Tying Waterballoons

Self Tying Waterballoons
$7.32 > Amazon

FINALLY!… Am I the only one who gets
his fingers slapped when trying to make
the world’s greatest water balloons?
We could have won the war back then
with this! Attach to garden hose, DONE!…

Clip On Cup Holder

Clip On Cup Holder
$12.97 >

If you’re knocking your cup over all the
time, we are too! Whether for the home office
or that college school desk that was made
for a second grader, just Clip-On and put
your cup of soda or hot coffee right in it!

Dual Edge Bat Knife

Dual Edge Batman Knife
$9.45 > Amazon

Alright, so you and the Joker aren’t really
getting along that well, we get it. But who
better to come over and help him on a secret
project than YOU with a dual edge batman
knife! You can cut rope, time delay fuses etc…

Tesla Coil Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighter
$16.99 > Amazon

You now control a small portion of galactic
electricity in your palm of your hand! This
Telsa Coil Lighter is windproof, flameless,
and rechargeable so you can spark up your
fires with each press of the button!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
$199.98 > Amazon

Cat fur has FINALLY met its furball match!
Now the Elgato can be guided throughout
its little castle as he sits on your robotic
vacuum cleaner, cleaning up what the
little mess maker left behind earlier!

Clever Cutter Food Chopper

Clever Cutter Food Chopper
$19.00 >

When your cooking for friends and family
speed and efficiency are so satisfying!
Your stainless steel 2 in 1 food chopper
has cleverly replaced your cutting board
and knives for one amazing kitchen tool!

Star Trek TNG Robes

Star Trek TNG Robe
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

One of the greatest unknown truths about
Star Trek the Next Generation was their
shocking statements about a diverse but
united culture! Bring your cozy robe while
you travel, just in case Romulans attack…

Hairy Belly Fanny Pack

Hairy Belly Fanny Pack
$9.68 > Amazon

Attract the people around you with lots
of engaging eyes! The Hairy Fanny Pack
is becoming one of the most hysterical
things you can wear around your campus!
Show it off to friends and families!

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