World’s Biggest Gummy Bear

World’s Biggest Gummy Bear
$29.95 > Amazon

Surprise your date with the world’s
biggest gummy bear and go to the
movies with it! People will stop in
awe, ignore the zombie film, and
watch you two devour this instead…

Makita Power Dolly Assist

Makita Power Dolly Assist
$925.12 >

Haul the toughest loads in your
yard with your Makita Power Dolly!
60 Minutes of continuous run time
on one single 18v battery charge!
Equivalent to 1 Mile of travel!

Atomic Beam Glove Light

Atomic Beam Glove Light
$19.97 >

Fixing a problem with your hands feels
good! But holding a flashlight in one
hand is awkward and uncomfortable!
Especially during those long hours.
Work hands free with plenty of light!

Leatherman Tread Bracelet

Leatherman Tread Bracelet
$164.85 >

Ever find yourself looking for the
right tools? Thanks to Leatherman, now
This one of a kind wearable tool bracelet
is actually 29 tools in 1! Stylish, and
Leatherman 25 year GUARANTEE!

USA Made Mechanics Seat

USA Made Mechanics Seat
$99.00 >

Working men squat and  kneel
tirelessly for hours a day. Those
problems need to get fixed!
Instant relief from chronic pain!

Bosch Hammer Drill 18v

Bosch Hammer Drill 18v
$486.76 >

Mechanics everywhere are leaving their
big bulky electric hammer drills behind
for this AMAZINGLY powerful hammer
drill by Bosch! 500 ft lbs of torque and
only weighing 6.7lbs!

US General Tool Box

US General Tool Box
$152.50 > Amazon

The size of this toolbox is perfect for
a maintenance electrician or mechanic.
Heavy duty and ready for a beating! This
tool cabinet storage can carry a max
of 580 lbs! Self-locking when closed!

16,000 Woodworking Plans

16,000 Woodworking Plans
$67.00 > Woodworking

If you’re eager to build that Tree House
for your kids, or those relaxing Adirondack
Chairs for those awesome summer days,
Ted’s Woodworking is perfect for us
beginners who need step by step…

Jeri-Rigg Eye Loop Straps

Jeri-Rigg Eye Loop Straps
$19.95 > Amazon

We’ve all been there. Had to Jeri-Rigg
something in a Jiffy. Now you will be
able to safely with this portable Jeri-Rigg
Tie Down Strap! Great for construction
for a quick and strong anchor point!

Beechwood Crab Multi-Tool

Beechwood Crab Multi-Tool
$17.99 > Amazon

Get yourself a krabby patty and tackle
tough jobs with this Crab Multi-Tool!
So small that it fits comfortably in your
pocket or that little drawer that has
everything. Little guy gets the job done!

iPhone Endoscope

iPhone Endoscope
$38.49 > Amazon

Looking between walls is a must for
all contractors! Find wire your pulling
or items that fell! The flexible material
gives you the angles you will need to
find exactly what you are looking for!

Katapult Wire Strippers

Katapult Wire Strippers
$27.00 > Amazon

Klein has designed the most ingenious
and FUN way to strip wire! Electricians all
over America are FOAMING at the mouth
at just how fast and how clean your wire
can be stripped! Buy one now for life!

Slate Coasters Broncos SB 99

Slate Coasters Broncos SB 99
$50.00 > Amazon

Celebrate Your Denver Broncos Greatest
Plays from their 1999 Super Bowl on
these epic slate coasters! Historical
Play Details have been laser etched
from player movements, date & score!

Star Trek TNG Varsity Jackets

Star Trek TNG Varsity Jackets!
$49.99 >

Science! Operations! And Command!
Not even a question for how awesome
you are for keeping the TNG fanbase
going with these epic varsity jackets!
Bodly go in public where no one has…

Lemon Shark Juicer

Lemon Shark Juicer
$7.72 > Amazon

Perfect lemons don’t stand a chance
when they encounter the most dangerous
shark in the kitchen! Jaws is made from
porcelain, is dishwasher safe, and will get
every last bit of lemon juice out of each lemon!

Big Enter Key

Giant Enter Button
$15.99 > Amazon

Everyone is looking for comic relief.
Thankfully, we can be a little productive
while we’re at it! Your big enter key
has memory foam which cradles
upon impact & is a working enter key!

USB Fan For Desk

$12.99 > Amazon

Keeping your cool is a must! Now thanks
to this USB Fan, sweat does not stand a
chance! Because of how convenient the
Clip On feature is, you can now use your
USB Fan anywhere as long as there is..

Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals
$5.99 > Amazon

Alright, this is not exactly what you should
bring into church, smack your fingers
and sing soprano! These are great for
peaceful protests out in the streets
or that extra guy in the band…

Chewbacca Spiral Notebook

Chewbacca Spiral Notebook
$15.98 > Amazon

Record your epic journey through the Galaxy
with this Chewbacca Spiral Notebook!
Officially licensed to promote the ever
continuing saga of Star Wars!
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Wooden Cat Pile

The Wooden Cat Pile
$19.99 > Amazon

Cats are cute all over the world and
especially when they can be neatly piled
up on top of each other! These 6 wooden
kittens can be stacked and will remain
as you put them until…a black cat sees it!…

The Complaint Department Grenade

The Complaint Department
$9.99 > Amazon

The complaint department sees that
The lack of common sense in this world
provides endless entertainment
for those seeking to solve problems
by those obviously creating them!

Touchless Automatic Trash Can

Touchless Automatic Trash Can
$56.41 > Amazon

Are messy hands touching everything?
Glad someone invented the touchless
automatic trash can! Whether you wave
the magic wand or your bare naked hand
your automatic trash can opens by itself!

The World’s Biggest Beach Towel

The World’s Biggest Towels
$38.49 > Amazon

Your majesty, your beach towel larger
than your king size bed is now ready
for you! Now all your loyal subjects
can sprawl out comfortably with this
10×10 beach towel fit for royalty…

Giant Beach Ball

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball
$59.99 > Amazon

Is she a Hobbit? Or is that a giant
6′ beach ball? Within 4 minutes your
new toy at the beach will be ready
to go. Hours of fun on the beach!
( Pump sold here $19.99 )

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Ben & Jerry’s Combo Lock
$35.95 > Amazon

Sorry, were you expecting to eat the
very best of MY Chunky Monkey ice cream?
I don’t think so! Now the world’s greatest
ice cream is no longer in danger
with this Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock!

Star Wars Jedi vs Sith Wall Clock

Star Wars: Sith vs Jedi
$199.95 > Amazon

The greatest battle of all time now hangs on
your wall! Emperor Paletine is watching as
the clock is ticking away for the battle of
Endor! Watch in awe as your clock lights
up at the flick of a switch! Gooooood!…


$49.99 > Amazon

The purple colors are calling you home
reminding you of sweet reminisce.
You’ve fought many epic battles together.
The toughest bosses have been defeated
by these hands. Call friends…bring chips…

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