Himalayan Salt Rock For Grilling

Himalayan Salt Rock For Grilling
$17.99 > Amazon

Some of the amazing benefits
you will find as you cook with
your Himalayan Salt Rock are
the lovely hidden flavors in food!
Best texture for grilling experience!

Floating Iron Man Egg Attack

Floating Iron Man Egg Attack
$289.99 > Amazon

When Iron Man is on, you’re right
by Tony Sparks’ side fighting crime
the way it should be done and in style!
Glorious gold and stunning red,
Your Iron Man levitates magnetically!

Zap It! Bug Zapper

Zapp It! Bug Zapper
$15.99 > Amazon

Kill Em All! As General Maddog
Mattis would say about every insect
invading your kingdom! Wave your
Zapp It Bug Zapper wand of power
and save your woman’s peace of mind!

Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster
$32.97 > Amazon

Your creativity shines when you are
true to yourself. Share the memories
of your travels across the world with
your Scratch Off World Map Poster!
Incredible conversation piece!

Legit Camping Double Hammock

Legit Camping Double Hammock
$33.56 > Amazon

The wild woods can be some
of the most peaceful places
on earth! Imagine yourself
taking it all in as you chill out
in your two person hammock!

Space Invaders Ugly Sweater

Space Invaders Ugly Sweater
$49.99 > ThinkGeek

Crash the ugly sweater party and
rock it with your Space Invaders
Sweatshirt! Did you know?
Space Invaders was actually
inspired because of Star Wars?

Best Drone For YouTubers

Best Drone For YouTubers
$459.99 > Amazon

Tell your sky high stories in 1080p!
Your DJI Spark Quadcopter launches
from your hand making takeoff wicked
convenient in tall grassy places!
Very quiet with a lot of control!

Marvel Thor’s Hammer Tool Set

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set
$99.99 > ThinkGeek

Your 44 piece tool set is in the
perfect shape of Thor’s Hammer
Mjolnir! Tools include a hammer
( gift from “Captain Obvious” )
and is Loki proof in case if lost…

Guess Who? Classic Game

Guess Who? Classic Game
$9.97 > Amazon

Some of our best memories come
from childhood game nights! The
playful challenges encourage all
children to engage with mom & dad!
Bust out the pizza and Guess Who?!

Jumbo 4-To-Score

Jumbo 4-To-Score
$236.18 > Amazon

Just when you thought your kids
couldn’t get any happier. Watch
their smile lines get wider as they
look into your eyes with gratitude!
Best parents ever!

Lawn Bowling Game

Lawn Bowling Game
$39.95 > Amazon

As if the competition couldn’t take
a hint. Now you will have to show
them how good you are bowling
on grass. Yep! Dominate, show
no mercy, and walk away…

Jenga Classic

Jenga Classic
$8.77 > Amazon

There’s barely enough sweat in
the human body as you watch
your arch nemesis struggle to
pull the last Jenga block from
its place when suddenly it…

Feisty Pets (Angry Kitty…)

Feisty Pets (Angry Kitty…)
$14.99 > ThinkGeek

Is your cat bi-polar? So is ours.
Let us ship him to you in a box
where he will bounce around,
travel across the country, only
to be let out by you a stranger…

Back To The Future Car Charger

Back To The Future Car Charger
$39.00 > ThinkGeek

Great Scott! The future is now in
your hands! Well at least the battery
life of your phone is. Plug in your
phone to Mr. Fusion’s Car Charger
from Back To The Future!

Samsung Curved 49″ Gaming Monitor

Samsung Curved 49″ Monitor
$1,432.25 > Amazon

Stretch your imagination and visualize
yourself in an intense battle. You’re
winning the game and dominating
the competition! Enemies all around
but your wider view can see them!

Nintendo Switch – Gray

Nintendo Switch – Gray
$299.99 > Amazon

We have watch gaming evolve
before our very eyes! No need
to “blow air” into this console!
Your Nintendo Switch comes in
this awesome bundle, you can’t…

EZ ICE 60 Minute BackYard Rink

EZ ICE 60 Minute Rink
$2,100 > Amazon

Hockey has changed lives all over
the world! When we get into the zone
with one goal in mind, you feel
invincible as you win with your team!
Get in the zone with EZ ICE Rink!

Underwater Drone 4k UHD ROV

Underwater Drone 4k UHD ROV
$1988.00 > Amazon

As your stream in real time, you create
your own little map that no other
fisherman knows about! Your 4k
Underwater Drone shoots and
records video capturing…

Stainless Pots & Pans For Travel

Stainless Pots & Pans
$49.92 > Amazon

Without the dinner table, it just
wouldn’t feel like home. You will
love cooking those same meals
made from home over a roaring
fire or in your RV!…

Aqua Shed RV Cover

Aqua Shed RV Cover
$209.53 > Amazon

When we take care of the things
we love, we can create even more
memories and change people’s
lives forever! Some of the best
childhood memories in the RV…

Contixo Photography Drone

Contixo Photography Drone
$249.00 > Amazon

Specifically designed with you in mind.
You will shoot breathtaking panoramas!
Hours of fun with your endless ideas!
Take to the skies with confidence &
your photos will never be the same!

Dewalt Self Leveling Laser

Dewalt Self Leveling Laser
$138.85 > Amazon

When you get work done fast,
time is money! The most epic
way to line up your junction
boxes is by doing it right all
day long! Electricians love…

Illuminated & Reflective Vest

Illuminated & Reflective Vest
$59.95 > Amazon

Saw a runner dude on a bridge
wearing this wicked cool reflective
color changing vest! Running at night
is now much safer for you or loved
ones! Choose 1 or 6 changing colors!

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit
$49.99 > Amazon

Up to 4 gallons of beer made by
your awesome handy work! A well
satisfied customer named Shelly
highly recommended this one to
Wicked Cool Gadgets!

Legends Of Zelda Master Sword

Legends Of Zelda Master Sword
$24.99 > ThinkGeek

After discovering the Master Sword
in the Temple of Time, you spoke
with the Sages and became the
“Hero of Time”! You knew exactly
what you were called to do!

Zelda Backpack Hyrule Shield

Legends Of Zelda Hyrule Shield
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

The moment you first stepped out of
your tree house and met your fairy
named Navi, your mission to save
Hyrule was a call into the wild!
Bring your shield backpack today!

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