Contixo Photography Drone

Contixo Photography Drone
$249.00 > Amazon

Specifically designed with you in mind.
You will shoot breathtaking panoramas!
Hours of fun with your endless ideas!
Take to the skies with confidence &
your photos will never be the same!

Dewalt Self Leveling Laser

Dewalt Self Leveling Laser
$138.85 > Amazon

When you get work done fast,
time is money! The most epic
way to line up your junction
boxes is by doing it right all
day long! Electricians love…

Illuminated & Reflective Vest

Illuminated & Reflective Vest
$59.95 > Amazon

Saw a runner dude on a bridge
wearing this wicked cool reflective
color changing vest! Running at night
is now much safer for you or loved
ones! Choose 1 or 6 changing colors!

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit
$49.99 > Amazon

Up to 4 gallons of beer made by
your awesome handy work! A well
satisfied customer named Shelly
highly recommended this one to
Wicked Cool Gadgets!

Legends Of Zelda Master Sword

Legends Of Zelda Master Sword
$24.99 > ThinkGeek

After discovering the Master Sword
in the Temple of Time, you spoke
with the Sages and became the
“Hero of Time”! You knew exactly
what you were called to do!

Zelda Backpack Hyrule Shield

Legends Of Zelda Hyrule Shield
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

The moment you first stepped out of
your tree house and met your fairy
named Navi, your mission to save
Hyrule was a call into the wild!
Bring your shield backpack today!

Jesus Calling Christian Devotional

Jesus Calling Christian Devotional
$9.79 > Amazon

Jesus Christ DEEPLY cares for you!
Inspiring 365-day devotional says:
“I am not only committed to caring for you,
but I am also absolutely capable
of doing so. Rest in Me, My weary one!

The Kitty Pass Cat Door

The Kitty Pass Cat Door
$41.96 > Amazon

Your adorable cat can now walk
right into the next room without
ever having to open the door for
the millionth time today! The Kitty
Pass is purrrfect for the closet!

Taser Pulse Self Defense Tool

Taser Pulse Self Defense Tool
$290.00 > Amazon

When it’s time to take control of a threat
tasers are a very effective tool at a
moment’s notice. The laser sight assists
you to accurately hit your attacker
from 15 feet away!

Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Chair
$149.00 > ThinkGeek

After consuming 900 lbs of dorm room
pizza, Snorlax will now let you cozy up
or bounce on his large bellaaay!
Take a napi-poo with your favorite
Pokémon and sleep away…zzz..

Roller Cooler Picnic Table

Roller Cooler Picnic Table
$87.87 > Amazon

Your awesome beach table is waiting
for YOU! “Ideal” for cars with small
spaces, you can pack a quick picnic in no
time. Spacious cooler allows you to bring
everything you need!

Volkswagen Adult Tent

Volkswagon Adult Tent
$349.95 > Amazon

Life can have some sweet moments of
reminiscing! Listen to The Beatles and bust
out the bell bottoms, because the best tent
on earth just met its match! So easy to
setup, “a caveman could do it…”

The Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler
$499.95 >

This AMAZING cooler comes with a built-in
ice-crushing blender that’s so powerful,
it could juice a rock! The insulation is SO
THICK that ice can last up to 5 days!…
Demand is HIGH! Limited supply!…

Ice Cream Freezing Bowl

Ice Cream Freezing Bowl
$15.18 > Amazon

Gorge your tastebuds in the most delicious
whipped strawberry ice cream topped
with blueberries on that HOT summer day!
Made from BPA Free Acrylic, this
can keep your ice cream VERY cold!

Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Full Face Snorkeling Mask
$44.99 > Amazon

Diving has NEVER been this
comfortable or this much fun!
You will now have a beautiful 180°
panoramic view along with anti-
fog, anti-leak, & GoPro adapter!

150 N64 Games In One

150 N64 Games
$159.99 > Amazon

GET THIS NOW! 99% of EVERY N64 game
is now available on one single cartridge!
Has the original feel as if you were inserting
your favorite N64 game of all time!

Flexible Extension Soft Shaft

Flexible Extension Soft Shaft
$8.99 > Amazon

Getting into those hard to reach
places just became easier for you!
With its flexible shaft, now you can
snake around tight corners and bring
out those incredibly difficult bolts!

Universal Socket

Universal Socket 1/4″ – 3/4″
$9.49 > Amazon

Your universal socket automatically
adjusts to the appropriate size so
you can get the job done faster!
No more searching around for that
missing socket! 1/4″-3/4″ 7mm-19mm

Steel Dragon Auto Wire Stripper

Steel Dragon Wire Stripper
$119.99 >

Turn your copper into CASH!
Earn 3x more money when you
strip wire with incredible speed!
Construction workers & electricians
are picking their jaws off the floor!

Celestron 127EQ Telescope

Celestron 127EQ Telescope
$107.95 >

As the Heavens declare the glory
of God, we have been invited to
look with awe at the wonderful
beautiful nebulas and stars
that the Living God has made!

Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras
$209.99 > Amazon

When reliable home security cameras
catch a thief, you’ll be telling all your
friends to invest in their own! Easy
setup allows you to record for up to
30 days with 1TB of storage!

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter
$18.99 > Amazon

Safe drinking water is essential for
survival. And people from all around
the world have been blessed by this
amazing invention which filters out
99.9999% water bacteria!

Yanaki Boomerang

Yanaki Boomerang
$21.95 > Amazon

Indigenous hillbillies can now
take out that squirrel or bird
with a Yanaki Boomerang!
Instruction manual included
but we’ll just YouTube it…

NFL Frost Guard

NFL Frost Guard
$21.99 >

By the time we scrap all the ice
from the windshield, it’s practically
spring again! Now you’ll remove ice
and snow within seconds! Choose
your fav NFL logo for the image!

Zelda Encyclopedia NES

Zelda Encyclopedia NES
$47.99 > Amazon

Embrace the game all over again
as you walk through the woods of
Hyrule! The Classic Encyclopedia
is a collection of enemies, items,
potions, and maps! Pre-Order Now!

Keytendo NES Key Rack

Keytendo Key Holder Rack
$29.99 > Amazon

The sight of this gaming console
brings that rockin awesome feeling
when you found that secret key or
that hidden passage which sent chills
all over! You are born to discover!

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