Crossfire Shoot Out Board Game

Crossfire Classic Board Game
$54.98 > Amazon

What a classic game to bring you
back to your childhood! As you load
you metal balls in the hopper, you
squeeze the trigger and instantly
remember the sound they made!…

Fathead Stickers Wall Art

Fathead Stickers Wall Art
$19.99 > Amazon

Show the world around you who
is the number one fan of all time
with Fathead Stickers ( Wall Art )!
Browse now to find your favorite
team! Excellent man cave idea!!

Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box Kit

Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box Kit
$149.99 > Amazon

Ahh, the smell of pizza is only
the best when cooked in a brick
oven! That perfectly baked crust
with steam coming from your cheese
is ready in 2 to 4 minutes with…

Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return

Indoor Putting Green w/ Ball Return
$53.99 > Amazon

As fathers progress in life, one thing
they want to accomplish is to get really
good at one thing. Golf is challenging
and this Indoor Putting Green with
Ball Return will push him to…

Jackalope Rabbit With Antlers

Jackalope Rabbit With Antlers
$99.99 > Amazon

Out of the deep woods of the
Fanghorn, Maine, these rare
Jackalopes, or “rabbits with
antlers” only travel in packs,
& spy on victims thru windows!

SAS Safety Glasses With LED Lights

SAS Safety Glasses w/ LED’s
$13.12 > Amazon

Safety saves lives and pizza eating
fingers all day long. Now let’s take it
one step further and let us help you
shed some LED light on your new
SAS Safety Glasses w/ LED Lights!

EURO Blackcan Heat Camping Mat

EURO Blackcan Heat Mat
$389.99 > Amazon

Hate the blistering cold winter?
Do you camp where a man needs
survival equipment in or to be cozy?
The EURO Blackcan Heat Camping
Mat keeps you toasty in sub zero…

Breath Of The Wild Hoodie

Breath Of The Wild Hoodie
$29.99 > ThinkGeek

Show the open world where your
allegiance stands as you wear your
Breath Of The Wild pullover hoodie!
Connect with your Zelda buddies on
the streets who have your passion!

Affordable 3D Printer

Affordable 3D Printer
$189.99 > Amazon

The sole purpose of buying an
Affordable 3D Printer is creativity &
business! If you can dream it, you
can build it! Mini manufacturing plant
in your basement or a sweet 3D printer!

Mr. Heater Portable Heater

Mr. Heater Portable Heater
$135.55 > Amazon

Whether your camping in a tent or
have a wood shop that needs heat,
Mr Heater Portable Propane Heater
is small and very efficient! Available
for small propane tanks or giant ones!

Plastic Fish Gripper

Plastic Fish Gripper
$12.99 > Amazon

Your fingers are valuable for playtime
with your kids and cooking awesome
fish dinners. Let this Plastic Fish
Gripper do all the work so you don’t
lose your fish and fingers!

Squatty Potty – Poop Better!

Squatty Potty – Poop Better!
$24.99 >

Most people can’t do the #2 on
the pot as well as they’d love to
because ( is he really going to..)
we were designed to “POOP” in
the squatty potty position! Go #2!

Breathing Mask For Athletes

Breathing Mask For Athletes
$49.99 > Amazon

Workout longer with more intensity!
You will be ready to challenge your
opponent in the boxing ring! While
they are gasping for air, you’re
ready to go a few more rounds!

Ice Ball Maker Mold

Ice Ball Maker Mold
$8.95 > Amazon

The problem with traditional ice
cubes is they will melt to fast in
your drinks. Which means your
tasty drink gets watered down.
Balls of Ice take longer to melt!

Black Friday Deals Week

Black Friday Deals Week
Up To 80% Off! > Amazon

Cut in front of all the lines on
Black Friday and find this year’s
lowest prices and sales on toys,
electronics, DVD’s and so many
more wicked cool gift ideas!

Himalayan Salt Rock For Grilling

Himalayan Salt Rock For Grilling
$17.99 > Amazon

Some of the amazing benefits
you will find as you cook with
your Himalayan Salt Rock are
the lovely hidden flavors in food!
Best texture for grilling experience!

Floating Iron Man Egg Attack

Floating Iron Man Egg Attack
$289.99 > Amazon

When Iron Man is on, you’re right
by Tony Sparks’ side fighting crime
the way it should be done and in style!
Glorious gold and stunning red,
Your Iron Man levitates magnetically!

Zap It! Bug Zapper

Zapp It! Bug Zapper
$15.99 > Amazon

Kill Em All! As General Maddog
Mattis would say about every insect
invading your kingdom! Wave your
Zapp It Bug Zapper wand of power
and save your woman’s peace of mind!

Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster
$32.97 > Amazon

Your creativity shines when you are
true to yourself. Share the memories
of your travels across the world with
your Scratch Off World Map Poster!
Incredible conversation piece!

Legit Camping Double Hammock

Legit Camping Double Hammock
$33.56 > Amazon

The wild woods can be some
of the most peaceful places
on earth! Imagine yourself
taking it all in as you chill out
in your two person hammock!

Space Invaders Ugly Sweater

Space Invaders Ugly Sweater
$49.99 > ThinkGeek

Crash the ugly sweater party and
rock it with your Space Invaders
Sweatshirt! Did you know?
Space Invaders was actually
inspired because of Star Wars?

Best Drone For YouTubers

Best Drone For YouTubers
$459.99 > Amazon

Tell your sky high stories in 1080p!
Your DJI Spark Quadcopter launches
from your hand making takeoff wicked
convenient in tall grassy places!
Very quiet with a lot of control!

Marvel Thor’s Hammer Tool Set

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set
$99.99 > ThinkGeek

Your 44 piece tool set is in the
perfect shape of Thor’s Hammer
Mjolnir! Tools include a hammer
( gift from “Captain Obvious” )
and is Loki proof in case if lost…

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