Grizzly Bear Spray
$30.78 > Amazon

Yogi the bear’s been on this blueberry steroids
kick that’s nature-tested, momma bear approved,
and turns him into a REAL bear? Frontiersman
Bear Attack Deterrent then gets sprayed in that momma’s
boy face weakening him like Superman to kryptonite!

Jackalope Rabbit With Antlers
$99.99 > Amazon

Out of the deep woods of the
Fanghorn, Maine, these rare
Jackalopes, or “rabbits with
antlers” only travel in packs,
& spy on victims thru windows!

Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box Kit
$149.99 > Amazon

Ahh, the smell of pizza is only
the best when cooked in a brick
oven! That perfectly baked crust
with steam coming from your cheese
is ready in 2 to 4 minutes with…

Rebel Coffee Mug
$22.00 > Amazon

Nothing to start your Empire blasting day
with the best coffee in the galaxy! Every
time you take another sip, you are weakening
the Galactic Empire’s strength as they
know YOURS is growing…

Squatty Potty – Poop Better!
$24.99 >

Most people can’t do the #2 on
the pot as well as they’d love to
because ( is he really going to..)
we were designed to “POOP” in
the squatty potty position! Go #2!

Ice Ball Maker Mold
$8.95 > Amazon

The problem with traditional ice
cubes is they will melt to fast in
your drinks. Which means your
tasty drink gets watered down.
Balls of Ice take longer to melt!

Breath Of The Wild Hoodie
$29.99 > ThinkGeek

Show the open world where your
allegiance stands as you wear your
Breath Of The Wild pullover hoodie!
Connect with your Zelda buddies on
the streets who have your passion!

Breathing Mask For Athletes
$49.99 > Amazon

Workout longer with more intensity!
You will be ready to challenge your
opponent in the boxing ring! While
they are gasping for air, you’re
ready to go a few more rounds!

Cookie Shot Glass Mold
$14.45 > Amazon

Imagine slowly opening the oven,
feeling the heat, hearing the sound
of chocolate ever slightly sizzling…
Pour cold milk then devour!…

Floating Iron Man Egg Attack
$289.99 > Amazon

When Iron Man is on, you’re right
by Tony Sparks’ side fighting crime
the way it should be done and in style!
Glorious gold and stunning red,
Your Iron Man levitates magnetically!

Zapp It! Bug Zapper
$15.99 > Amazon

Kill Em All! As General Maddog
Mattis would say about every insect
invading your kingdom! Wave your
Zapp It Bug Zapper wand of power
and save your woman’s peace of mind!

Scratch Off World Map Poster
$32.97 > Amazon

Your creativity shines when you are
true to yourself. Share the memories
of your travels across the world with
your Scratch Off World Map Poster!
Incredible conversation piece!

Legit Camping Double Hammock
$33.56 > Amazon

The wild woods can be some
of the most peaceful places
on earth! Imagine yourself
taking it all in as you chill out
in your two person hammock!

Space Invaders Ugly Sweater
$49.99 > ThinkGeek

Crash the ugly sweater party and
rock it with your Space Invaders
Sweatshirt! Did you know?
Space Invaders was actually
inspired because of…

Best Drone For YouTubers
$459.99 > Amazon

Tell your sky high stories in 1080p!
Your DJI Spark Quadcopter launches
from your hand making takeoff wicked
convenient in tall grassy places!
Very quiet with a lot of control!

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set
$99.99 > ThinkGeek

Your 44 piece tool set is in the
perfect shape of Thor’s Hammer
Mjolnir! Tools include a hammer
( gift from “Captain Obvious” )
and is Loki proof in case if lost…

Zombie Lamp
$135.00 > Amazon

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adipiscing elit. Nunc vitae laoreet nulla. Vestibulum
ac felis sit amet elit euismod porta nec id augue.
In id orci consectetur, sollicitudin dolor eu, ultrices ipsum.

Lawn Bowling Game
$39.95 > Amazon

As if the competition couldn’t take
a hint. Now you will have to show
them how good you are bowling
on grass. Yep! Dominate, show
no mercy and pass it on…

Jumbo 4-To-Score
$236.18 > Amazon

Just when you thought your kids
couldn’t get any happier. Watch
their smile lines get wider as they
look into your eyes with gratitude!
Best parents ever!

Goldeneye Watch
$25.99 > Amazon

When you heard the zipper sound of
James Bond’s body armor, you were
ready for more! Relive your best
moments in “Real Time” with
this Goldeneye Watch!

8Bitdo N64 Controller
$33.41 > Amazon

YOU know every hiding spot.
YOU discovered that secret weapon.
It’s time to bring over your friends
and still see who’s got it…
( Rumble Pack Sold Here $10 )

150 N64 Games
$159.99 > Amazon

Is your cat bi-polar? So is ours.
Let us ship him to you in a box
where he will bounce around,
travel across the country, only
to be let out by you a stranger…

Star Wars: Sith vs Jedi
$199.95 > Amazon

The greatest battle of all time now hangs on
your wall! Emperor Paletine is watching as
the clock is ticking away for the battle of
Endor! Watch in awe as your clock lights
up at the flick of a switch! Gooooood!…

Underwater Drone 4k UHD ROV
$1988.00 > Amazon

As your stream in real time, you create
your own little map that no other
fisherman knows about! Your 4k
Underwater Drone shoots and
records video capturing…

Feisty Pets (Angry Kitty…)
$14.99 > ThinkGeek

Is your cat bi-polar? So is ours.
Let us ship him to you in a box
where he will bounce around,
travel across the country, only
to be let out by you a stranger…

Skull Fireproof Rocks
$79.95 > Amazon

These skull rocks are made for YOUR creepy f
irepit! Imagine the look on your friends
faces when they walk into your back yard
and see the firepit FULL of burning skulls!
Now THIS is Wicked Cool…

‘Anus Shaped’ Chocolate
$8.65 > Amazon

Surprise! Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday!
The creators of Edible A have made this
one of a kind chocolate in the shape of
THAT place you don’t want to check out!
I wonder how they designed the mold…

Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Chair
$149.00 > ThinkGeek

After consuming 900 lbs of dorm room
pizza, Snorlax will now let you cozy up
or bounce on his large bellaaay!
Take a napi-poo with your favorite
Pokémon and sleep away…zzz..

10 Day Challenge
$10.00 > Wicked Cool Gadgets

Maintenance Electrician Learns
How To Make His First $142.10
On The Internet With The Help
Of A Mentor & His Community!
( Check Out Step By Step Video )”

The Complaint Department
$9.99 > Amazon

The complaint department sees that
The lack of common sense in this world
provides endless entertainment
for those seeking to solve problems
by those obviously creating them!

Hairy Belly Fanny Pack
$9.68 > Amazon

Attract the people around you with lots
of engaging eyes! The Hairy Fanny Pack
is becoming one of the most hysterical
things you can wear around your campus!
Show it off to friends and families!

Finger Cymbals
$5.99 >

As the marching band goes on and on,
reach into your pocket, put on your
awesome finger cymbals and dominate
the competition! Whether your on the
sidelines or in the street…

Legends Of Zelda Master Sword
$24.99 > ThinkGeek

After discovering the Master Sword
in the Temple of Time, you spoke
with the Sages and became the
“Hero of Time”! You knew exactly
what you were called to do!

Zelda Backpack Hyrule Shield
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

The moment you first stepped out of
your tree house and met your fairy
named Navi, your mission to save
Hyrule was a call into the wild!
Bring your shield backpack today!

World’s Biggest Gummy Bear
$29.95 > Amazon

Surprise your date with the world’s
biggest gummy bear and go to the
movies with it! People will stop in
awe, ignore the zombie film, and
watch you two devour this instead…

The Wooden Cat Pile
$19.99 > Amazon

Cats are cute all over the world and
especially when they can be neatly piled
up on top of each other! These 6 wooden
kittens can be stacked and will remain
as you put them until…a black cat sees it!…

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit
$49.99 >

After discovering the Master Sword
in the Temple of Time, you spoke
with the Sages and became the
“Hero of Time”! You knew exactly
what you were called to do!

Lemon Shark Juicer
$7.72 > Amazon

Perfect lemons don’t stand a chance
when they encounter the most dangerous
shark in the kitchen! Jaws is made from
porcelain, is dishwasher safe, and will get
every last bit of lemon juice out of each lemon!

Giant Enter Button
$15.99 > Amazon

Everyone is looking for comic relief.
Thankfully, we can be a little productive
while we’re at it! Your big enter key
has memory foam which cradles
upon impact & is a working enter key!

Chewbacca Spiral Notebook
$15.98 > Amazon

Record your epic journey through the Galaxy
with this Chewbacca Spiral Notebook!
Officially licensed to promote the ever
continuing saga of Star Wars!
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”


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