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The products that are featured on WickedCoolGadgets.com are not sold through this website. Rather, this site is an affiliate of those products, which means we may receive a percentage of sales when a transaction is made. We only want to serve our customer’s needs, wishes, and desires for finding Wicked Cool Gadgets all in one place. We are apart of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate program that pays this website small commissions for each product that is bought which was linked back to Amazon.com. Also, we are also part of the affiliate program ThinkGeek.com through Commission Junction.

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The link above only provides tangible proof of what is possible for making money online. THIS IS NOT a guarantee of income! We will collect your information and only send you what you requested to know. Your email is safe and secure and will NOT be sold to anyone, period!

Product Pricing Disclosure

There are many items on WickedCoolGadgets.com which reveal a price and a website where you go to purchase the items you are interested in. All information on pricing is true based on when the post was created. Because this site is an affiliate of those products, we cannot guarantee the continuously changing prices or if the product suddenly becomes unavailable. We will do our best to keep up with pricing on products that are available today or older post products. We will make all the necessary changes for our customers when these issues are brought to our attention.

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You may send any questions or concerns or feedback here: Contact Wicked Cool Gadgets

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