Tac Light Flashlight

Tac Light Flashlight
$29.95 > Amazon

WOA! Talk about one durable flashlight!
Made out the same metal used to build
aircraft? You could probably use the thing
to crack open your secret Pinata party!
Is it secret?… Is it safe?…

Soft Backpack Cooler

Soft Backpack Cooler
$22 > Amazon

It’s the perfect weather and your favorite
spot on the lake is calling for you! It used
to be such a burden carrying all your food
and drinks in that big awkward lunch box,
but now your soft backpack cooler gives you…

Facebook Live Masterclass

Facebook Live Masterclass
$FREE > Masterclass

Facebook is strictly a social platform,
using Facebook LIVE will greatly increase
your connection to your audience!
This FREE Masterclass is your guide to
build and engage with your audience!

Steering Wheel Cover

Steering Wheel Cover
$8.99 > Amazon

Winter is coming and you are prepared!
Feel the relief as you grip a comfortable
steering wheel instead of that layer of ice!
As you let out your gratitude, think
of your friends and share this with them!

Messenger Marketing Pro

Messenger Marketing Pro
FREE 23 Min. Video > Instant Access

Building an audience without a website
has never been this straightforward
and simple. In an instant, you are
connecting and engaging with targeted
prospects who want to know more…

Gift Prank Box – Bathe & Brew

Gift Prank Box – Bathe & Brew
$7.20 > Amazon

Hahaha! Imagine your beloved family
member unwrapping their birthday
present and discovering that look of
shock and confusion on their face?
Hide a secret gift inside this gage box!

Air Horn For Self Defense

Air Horn For Self Defense
$19.99 > Amazon

Do you walk alone at night to your car?
Or perhaps you live on campus and
would feel better with a little added
security? Air Horns are quite popular
for self defense and will scare the…

Crossman P1377 Pellet Gun

Crossman P1377 Air Gun
$49.95 > Amazon

Talk about powerful and inexpensive!
Rodents are no match for the accuracy
and reliability of your Crossman P1377
Pellet Gun! Freakin little trash pickers
won’t make a mess anymore! POW!

The 2 Week Diet

The 2 Week Diet
$37.00 > The2WeekDiet.Com

Before and after pics just don’t do it
justice right? Everyone is posting them.
But in order to get results like this,
it takes hard work, and relentless
determination to release the weight…

Don’t Break The Ice Game

Don’t Break The Ice Game!
$34.99 > Amazon

Classic board games have their place
in our home as we were growing up.
Thankfully this ongoing trend has been
showing no sign of cracking and falling
between make-believe icebergs!

Breath Of The Wild Shield Backpack

Breath Of The Wild Backpack
$9.99 > ThinkGeek

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!
Sheikah’s Eye Symbol will let all who
dare know that he who carries this
shield backpack is probably carrying
his destiny inside…

Coffee, Books, & Rain Pillow

Coffee, Books, & Rain Pillow
$8.99 > Amazon

Your hot coffee awaits you as your
listening to the sound of a perfect
rain storm in your favorite chair!
The book you are reading is getting
better and better, then suddenly…

Amplified Phone Monitor For Seniors

Amplified Phone For Seniors
$75.00 > Amazon

A simple conversation should not be
problem for anyone, especially seniors.
It’s an important part of everyday life.
And with the help of this amplified
phone, it makes phone calls easier!

Wooden Pet Homes

Wooden Pet Home
$59.99 > Amazon

Pet’s get away with everything they
do! First, they look for food without
working. Second, we pay for all their
healthcare. Third, we provide them a
place to live just to keep them…

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights

Solar Motion Sensor Lights
$32.99 > Amazon

If you have raccoons trying to wreak
havoc all over your yard, it’s time to
do something about this and spook
them away with your new motion
sensor! Solar power provides…

T-Rex Chocolate Mold

T-Rex Chocolate Mold
$19.99 > Amazon

Traditional chocolate making has always
been geared towards more quality family
time in the kitchen. Your little ones will
want to build their own chocolate t-rex
just so they can dominate the worlds…

FireFan Sports App

FireFan Sports App
FREE > FireFan

Imagine being able to predict the next
play with your buddies while you are
watching a live sports game and you
win prizes? FireFan is a live interaction
sports app where you win prizes like…

Let’s Go Fishin’ Game

Let’s Go Fishin’ Game
$6.67 > Amazon

Magnetic crankbaits are irresistible
in the eyes of your child. Next, he’ll
want to hold the little plastic fishin’
rod in the real water because, of it
works every time and never fails…

Pressure Cooker For The RV

Pressure Cooker For RV
$69.99 > Amazon

Imagine being able to replace 7 common
kitchen appliances in 1 and cook up to
70% faster? That’s like, unreal…whoever
came up with the Instant Pot Programmable
Pressure Cooker must be a child of Tesla…

Nose Jammer Hunting Spray

Nose Jammer Hunting Spray
$15.86 > Amazon

Every man needs the great outdoors.
Connect, feel, hunt is part of our God
given nature. Nose Jammer Hunting
Spray is what we need in order to stay
undetected in the site of our prized deer…

Crossfire Shoot Out Board Game

Crossfire Classic Board Game
$54.98 > Amazon

What a classic game to bring you
back to your childhood! As you load
you metal balls in the hopper, you
squeeze the trigger and instantly
remember the sound they made!…

Fathead Stickers Wall Art

Fathead Stickers Wall Art
$19.99 > Amazon

Show the world around you who
is the number one fan of all time
with Fathead Stickers ( Wall Art )!
Browse now to find your favorite
team! Excellent man cave idea!!

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