Milwaukee Hackzall Fuel

Milwaukee Hackzall Mini
$111.90 > Amazon

Absolutely glorious cutting POWER!
I used a short blade for cutting rebar
and the thing just shows no mercy to
metal! 2 Guys at work came to me
and ask to use it for…

DJI Spark Drone Quadcopter

DJI Spark Drone Quadcopter (BUNDLE)
$599.99 >

Highly recommended by several YouTubers
Your DJI Spark Drone Quadcopter serves
as your perfect eye in the sky. Perfect for
beginner droners! Go LIVE on Facebook
with the DJI app and watch the comments…

Waterlily Turbine Charger – Portable

Waterlily Turbine Charger – Portable
$199.00 > Amazon

The perfect camping charger is now ready
to go wherever you will camp with it!
Drop your Waterlily Turbine Charger in
a nearby stream or let your portable
charger sit in the wind to collect electricity!

Foldable Pet Stairs

Foldable Pet Stairs
$39.95 > Amazon

As our beloved little fur babies age with grace
it’s time that we love them all the more by
giving their cozy spot back to them with
the help of these Foldable Pet Stairs.
Order today for their joy tomorrow!

Waterproof Camping Solar Panel

Waterproof Camping Solar Panel
$79.99 > Amazon

Bringing your smartphone or tablet in a
remote area with no power? Be sure to bring
your very own solar power source that could
charge up to 3 individual smart phones at once!
Waterproof…Foldable…Camping Solar Panel!

Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 Blue Ray

Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 Blue Ray
$113.11 > Amazon

As the Thronie thrills continue to live on
now you can watch 7 seasons of dragons,
Bran trippin’, throne dominatin’ entertainment!
Whether you’re a newbie or a long time GOT’r
Game of Thrones is waiting for YOU on Blue Ray!

Portable Karaoke Mic

Portable Karaoke Mic
$22.99 > Amazon

Now you can sing in public to your heart’s content
with your very own Portable Karaoke Mic!
This mic will automatically make you feel special
even if you can’t sing…
You will draw the world’s attention…

Grizzly Bear Spray

Grizzly Bear Spray
$30.78 > Amazon

Yogi the bear’s been on this blueberry steroids
kick that’s nature-tested, momma bear approved,
and turns him into a REAL bear? Frontiersman
Bear Attack Deterrent then gets sprayed in that momma’s
boy face weakening him like Superman to kryptonite!

PRANK Box Griddle Alarm Clock

PRANK Box Griddle Alarm Clock
$8.00 > Amazon

PRANK boxes are a riot when given to
the most gullible people! I’ll never forget
the look on my face when I saw it in the
mirror! I could not believe they mailed me
just the BOX? Where’s my alarm clock?!

Run Your Generator On Propane

Run Your Generator On Propane
$35.00 > Amazon

Converting your generator to propane is
now simple and easy with modern
conversion kits! Cleaner burning and longer
shelf life are great for power outages!
(You will NEED the correct kit for your generator!)

Tentacuddle Blanket

Tentacuddle Blanket
$59.99 > ThinkGeek

The Snuggie has finally met the undertaker
and has been gloriously replaced with
the biggest greenest “onesie” we’ve ever seen.
Now you and I could trip over stuff like never
before, while everyone else takes a nappy poo…

Rebel Coffee Mug

Rebel Coffee Mug
$22.00 > Amazon

Nothing to start your Empire blasting day
with the best coffee in the galaxy! Every
time you take another sip, you are weakening
the Galactic Empire’s strength as they
know YOURS is growing…

Lite Brite Magic Screen Retro

Lite Bright Magic Retro
$15.00 > Amazon

Talk about a blast from the past. We knew
we needed that old paper stencil to draw
a choo-choo train. Because without it, a
child could easily make every adult look
like they need to go back to art class.

Classic Slip & Slide

Classic Slip’N Slide
$11.00 > Amazon

My grandfather had the perfect hill for
this classic slip’n slide! Me and my sister
practically LIVED outside all summer because
of this simple yet ever so fun backyard
waterslide! Imagine your kids when…

Super Mario Bowser Puppet

Super Mario Bowser Puppet
$19.99 > ThinkGeek

Oh my God, ever since Super Mario 64
came out back in late June of 1996, many
of us have defeated Bowser with relentless
passion for the love of the game! Entertain
your friends with your Bower Puppet and..

Street Fighter Chun-Li Hoodie

Street Fighter Chun-Li Hoodie
$9.99 > ThinkGeek

If you’ve ever been consistently DEFEATED
by the most unlikely person in such a classic
game, namely, YOUR SISTER! Or you are
that sister that has kicked the crap out of your
family in Street Fighter using Chun Li…

Tac Light Flashlight

Tac Light Flashlight
$29.95 > Amazon

WOA! Talk about one durable flashlight!
Made out the same metal used to build
aircraft? You could probably use the thing
to crack open your secret Pinata party!
Is it secret?… Is it safe?…

Soft Backpack Cooler

Soft Backpack Cooler
$22 > Amazon

It’s the perfect weather and your favorite
spot on the lake is calling for you! It used
to be such a burden carrying all your food
and drinks in that big awkward lunch box,
but now your soft backpack cooler gives you…

Facebook Live Masterclass

Facebook Live Masterclass
$FREE > Masterclass

Facebook is strictly a social platform,
using Facebook LIVE will greatly increase
your connection to your audience!
This FREE Masterclass is your guide to
build and engage with your audience!

Steering Wheel Cover

Steering Wheel Cover
$8.99 > Amazon

Winter is coming and you are prepared!
Feel the relief as you grip a comfortable
steering wheel instead of that layer of ice!
As you let out your gratitude, think
of your friends and share this with them!

Messenger Marketing Pro

Messenger Marketing Pro
FREE 23 Min. Video > Instant Access

Building an audience without a website
has never been this straightforward
and simple. In an instant, you are
connecting and engaging with targeted
prospects who want to know more…

Gift Prank Box – Bathe & Brew

Gift Prank Box – Bathe & Brew
$7.20 > Amazon

Hahaha! Imagine your beloved family
member unwrapping their birthday
present and discovering that look of
shock and confusion on their face?
Hide a secret gift inside this gage box!

Air Horn For Self Defense

Air Horn For Self Defense
$19.99 > Amazon

Do you walk alone at night to your car?
Or perhaps you live on campus and
would feel better with a little added
security? Air Horns are quite popular
for self defense and will scare the…

Crossman P1377 Pellet Gun

Crossman P1377 Air Gun
$49.95 > Amazon

Talk about powerful and inexpensive!
Rodents are no match for the accuracy
and reliability of your Crossman P1377
Pellet Gun! Freakin little trash pickers
won’t make a mess anymore! POW!

The 2 Week Diet

The 2 Week Diet
$37.00 > The2WeekDiet.Com

Before and after pics just don’t do it
justice right? Everyone is posting them.
But in order to get results like this,
it takes hard work, and relentless
determination to release the weight…

Don’t Break The Ice Game

Don’t Break The Ice Game!
$34.99 > Amazon

Classic board games have their place
in our home as we were growing up.
Thankfully this ongoing trend has been
showing no sign of cracking and falling
between make-believe icebergs!

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